2HS Wonderfull Woodland Walk

This week we went on a walk to the local woods.  We really enjoyed looking at all the different plants, wildlife and nature we found.

While we we were there we found parts of nature and designed a tile with our partner.  We then drew our tiles so we could bring them back to school and make them out of clay.


This week Frog Belly Rat Bone told that seeds didn’t need soil to start seeds growing so we set up an experiment to see if he was right.  We wet our paper towels and wrapped the seed in it.  We then put it on the window sill so it was in the warmth.  We have seen this week that Frog Belly was right and the sends have started to grow.

Values serving others

The last 2 weeks we have been thinking about serving others for our value.  We thought about how meerkats serve each other by having a sentry who keeps watch and alerts the rest of the mob when danger is coming.  We acted this out and then thought about how we serve each other in our class. Continue reading

Visit from RSPB

We had a great afternoon with Katherine from the RSPB.  We learned all about different habitats.  We wanted to discover if our school was a good place for wildlife so we went on a habitat hunt all around the grounds.  We stuck a sticker on the map to represent all the different environments we found.  We decided that our school is an amazing place for wildlife.

Science week.

what an amazing week we have had! We have really enjoyed our science week learning.  We carried out lots of different investigations such as setting up a tube with food in to try to attract nocturnal animals to walk through paint on to paper to see what type of animals visit our school at night. We hoped they would leave footprints but they were to sneaky for us! We also looked closely at the grass around our school trying to answer the question ‘Is the field just grass?’ We found that there were many different plants within the blades of grass.  We also found a bush baby in our playground.  We found out all about them and wrote amazing non chronological reports.  Well done year 2. What a busy week we have had!

What an Amazing trip we had!

We had an amazing, fun filled, muddy day at Nell Bank.  We learned lots of new things about nocturnal animals.  We played lots of different games and did exciting activities such as following a rope blind folded or chasing each other as if we were rabbits and foxes.  

In RE we were thinking of the 5 Pillars of Islam.  We also thought about how are school rules hold up our schoo.  We chose children to represent these rules that hold the school together and then saw what would happen if they weren’t there.