Sorting materials

This week we have been looking at the different materials in our classrooms and sorting them based on their properties.  We learnt new vocabulary such as waterproof,absorbent, rigid, flexible, shiny, dull, rough and smooth.

Anthony Browne

In our first week we worked on the story Gorilla by Anthony Browne.  We ended the week by going round school acting out all the different places that the characters visited in the story.  This really helped us when we can to write our own version of the book.

Crash Landing

Recently, in Year 2 we discovered a space ship had crash landed in the playground.  There was a alien called Eric on it and he thought he had landed in Leodis so we have spent the last few weeks proving to him this is Leeds. Crash Landing

counting in twos

This week in maths we have been thinking about counting in twos.  We went out side on to the playground and made different number sequences together.  The sequences all jumped up in twos, then we jumped along our number line counting as we went. Counting in

Leeds Grand Mosque

Today we visited Leeds Grand Mosque.  We found out so many interesting things about Islam, we heard the call to prayer, saw  how muslims pray and learnt all about how similar it is to Christianity and Judaism.  We looked at the Quran and heard the story of how it was written.  We had such a good time we couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day.

Saltire Trip

We had amazing day when we visited Saltaire. We walked all around and spotted lots of different features from the David Hockney picture but we did spot that they looked very different so we made notes about this.  We visited the bandstand and pavilion and drew some pictures of these before having lunch and playing in the park.  A big thank you to all the parents who came to help.

David Hockney

We looked at a David Hockney painiting in black and white.  We then used pastels to make them colourful in the style of Hockney.  We loved how different they all looked.

 looked at David Hickney painting which had no colo


2HS Wonderfull Woodland Walk

This week we went on a walk to the local woods.  We really enjoyed looking at all the different plants, wildlife and nature we found.

While we we were there we found parts of nature and designed a tile with our partner.  We then drew our tiles so we could bring them back to school and make them out of clay.


This week Frog Belly Rat Bone told that seeds didn’t need soil to start seeds growing so we set up an experiment to see if he was right.  We wet our paper towels and wrapped the seed in it.  We then put it on the window sill so it was in the warmth.  We have seen this week that Frog Belly was right and the sends have started to grow.